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Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, Copyright © GuangDong ICP No. 05013795 Copyright Notices




過去3年間に電池に関する戦略を策定し、正極、負極を持ちコーティングされたパワー電池の供給を行なっています。 密閉された超強力レーザー溶接機、バッテリーインジェクション、電池包装ラインでの生産を行なっております。




ハンズレーザー社は、 ミキサー、コーティングマシンミキサー、および液体注入機の開発を急速かつ安定して進めており、強い市場競争力を持っております。ハンズレーザー社はここ3年の社内資源集約で、”溶接”技術をもっている優位性とあらゆる分野から手入したリチウム技術を融合させています。



2018年には効率的な電池製造ワークショップと工場ターンキー プロジェクトをできるだけ早期に立ち上げるために、ハンズレーザー社は巻き取り・ダイカッティング装置のためのR&Dの人員と材料資源を充実させ、素晴らしい技術成果を上げました。







  • Square aluminum shell module PACK automation intelligent system.

  • 1. It has automatic intelligent assembly production from square aluminum shell to module and then to PACK box, which improves product quality consistency, automation level and reduces manual intervention. It realizes intelligent data management for the entire production process and process parameters of the product.

  • 2. Including battery loading and unloading, cell scanning code, OCV, thickness detection, cell automatic coating, cell automatic cleaning, glue coating and pre-stacking function, module end plate and separator automatic feeding and coating, battery core stacking, module leveling and pre-compacting, module pressing and automatic tying, module end plate coding;

  • 3. Scan code data binding, module BUSBAR pre-weld CCD positioning and cell polarity detection, harness integration board installation, BUSBAR automatic compression and soldering, module withstand voltage and insulation detection, module robot blanking and die assembly PACK box, module cache line, PACK empty box feeding automatic conveying line, PACK box automatic conveying line, module connecting piece welding, manual detecting roller line, lower line and whole line MES system and other working units.


  • System solution for software package module.

  • xw

  • This system is used in the automatic production line of soft pack battery module. It integrates the main three stages: battery processing section, module assembly and welding section, PACK assembly section, etc. It can realize whole production procedures like battery cell processing for soft pack modules, small unit module welding, module stacking, module assembly welding, product handling and delivery etc. This solution consists of battery processing section, module assembly and welding section, PACK assembly section, etc.

  • Features:

  • 1. The whole production system is equipped with robots, lasers, intelligent testing instruments and automation equipment, so as to basically realize unmanned automatic production, and can meet the batch production of various flexible package structure modules.

  • 2. The automatic intelligent production system is equipped with various intelligent detection devices (such as CCD detection system and visual system) at various key positions for intelligent analysis and NG discrimination to ensure the performance and indicators of its products.

  • 3. There is a dust removal position after welding to prevent the welding slag from being reserved on the module to affect the product quality.

  • 4. Unloading realizes intelligent sorting of finished products.

  • 5. Adopt advanced dust cleaning system to ensure the inside of the machine is clean and tidy, and greatly improve the service life of the machine.

  • 6. The fully automatic intelligent production system is equipped with MES system, and the equipment of each key station has information exchange with the MES system through the Ethernet interface and local storage. At the same time, according to customer needs, real-time interconnection with the customer's factory ERP system.


  • Battery cover pre-spot welding and sealing welding system.

  • xw

  • This equipment is used to press and seal the cell cover, and pre-weld, seal welding, short-circuit test for cell cover and aluminum cases. The function includes battery scanning code module, cleaning module, cell cover press module, cell cover and shell step detection module, cover pre-welding module, cover sealing module, short circuit test, etc. Nitrogen protection, dust treatment, MES system traceability in welding process, accurate fixture positioning, high efficiency, production efficiency up to 12PPM/min.